1. Introduction


This website houses the [proposed] Central Council framework for method ringing ('the framework' or 'FMR').

The framework provides common language and terminology for describing many aspects of method ringing, and it also contains the Central Council's requirements for adding new methods to the Central Council's methods library, for classifying and extending methods, and for record length performances.


For information on how the framework was developed, and the design principles that were employed, please see Appendix E.


This website contains both (1) the proposed framework and (2) supporting material that assists in the understanding of the framework, or further assists ringers in communicating about method ringing.

The framework itself is implemented by the Central Council Executive in accordance with the Council's Rules. The supporting material is updated by the Council's Technical and Taxonomy Workgroup when the need arises.

The top level parts of Sections 1 to 9 of this website are the framework. 'Top level' means the parts of these sections excluding the expanded material that displays when the '+' buttons are pressed.

The appendices of this website, as well as the expanded parts of Sections 1 to 9, are supporting material.

Method ringing terms that are defined in the framework are capitalised wherever they are used elsewhere in the framework.


[This section D to be deleted on implementation of the framework.] Ringing-community-wide consultation on the framework is currently in progress. Please see Appendix H for more information, including on how to take part in the consultation.