1. Introduction


This website is the live and evolving draft of the new Central Council Framework for Method Ringing ("the Framework" or "FMR") that is in development following passage of CRAG's Proposal H at the May 2017 Central Council meeting.

Proposal H stated that: "The Decisions of the Central Council will be replaced with a simple and permissive descriptive framework for ringing with only the minimal detail required to maintain the historical record. The Executive will appoint a neutral and respected ringer who is demonstrably independent of those responsible for the current Decisions to complete this work. The leader may assemble a group of ringers to assist with this task and will consult widely on their proposals before presenting them to the Council in May 2018. The publication and maintenance of this framework will be the responsibility of the Executive."


Tim Barnes was appointed by Christopher O'Mahony, CC President, to lead the development of the Framework. Two groups have now been formed:

- A drafting group comprising Tim Barnes, Mark Davies, John Harrison, Graham John and Philip Saddleton is developing the initial, draft language for the Framework.

- A review group comprising Philip Earis, Andrew Johnson, Don Morrison, Peter Scott, Leigh Simpson, Richard Smith, Derek Williams and Robin Woolley is reviewing the draft language and providing feedback.


This website contains both what is intended to become the Framework itself, and also supporting material that is either intended to help in the understanding of the Framework, or to further assist ringers in communicating about method ringing.

The relevance of this distinction is that the Central Council will likely have a defined procedure, including consultation, for making changes to the Framework, whereas supporting material will be updated by the Council when the need arises.

The top level parts of Sections 3 to 9 of this website are intended to become the Framework. 'Top level' means the parts of these sections excluding the material that displays when the '+' buttons are pressed.

The Framework is also available in pdf format by clicking here.

All other material on this website, including the expanded parts of Sections 3 to 9, are intended to be supporting material.


As of Friday May 18th 2018, we have started a ringing-community-wide consultation on the Framework. Please see section 16 of this website for more information, and a link to the consultation survey.