16. Consultation


The ringing-community-wide consultation on the Framework started on Friday May 18th 2018.

A Ringing World article (from May 18th 2018) explaining the consultation process is available as item 4 in Section 15 of this website (Related Material). An earlier RW article (from Mar 2nd 2018) is available as item 3 in Section 15 -- this article summarizes the key features of the Framework. We'd suggest those participating in the consultation start by reading these two articles to gain overall context.

The consultation survey is available at www.surveymonkey.com/r/96H5BKB. We recommend that you compose your responses to the survey in a separate document that you can save as you go, and then copy and paste the responses into the survey boxes. This will give you a record of what you submitted (which the survey website doesn't provide).

While there's no fixed timetable for the consultation (we'd prefer to take as long as needed to consider all feedback received, rather than hit a fixed date), it would be helpful if respondents could complete the survey by June 30th 2018 if possible.

Once we've processed the feedback received, we'll then determine whether subsequent round(s) of consultation on updated version(s) of the Framework are needed. An update will be published in the Ringing World whenever a further round of consultation is initiated.

We'll use the FAQs page on this website (Section 17) to respond to common questions and suggestions arising in the consultation.

Once the consultation is completed, we'll publish the outcome in the Ringing World.