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The Central Council’s Methods library is now maintained using the Composition Library website. If you wish to find a method by name, you can use Composition Library’s quick search to find it, display its blue line, and explore its properties. It is free to register with Composition Library, and doing so provides many additional features, such as the ability to search using method properties, control how the blue line is displayed or printed, add new methods for private use (with automatic classification and checking for name or place notation conflicts with existing methods) and privately share a link to them with your band.

If you wish to download lists of methods and their place notations for use with spreadsheets or computer programs, first select the required download format below then click on the stage against the desired method class. Note that these formats are different from those provided before May 2018 and are explained in more detail in the Notes on Method Collections. Please direct any comments or issues arising to methods@cccbr.org.uk

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Treble Bob
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The library was last updated on Mon, 24 Jun 2019 at 00:04:32

Since the implementation of the Framework for Method Ringing on 1st June, the CCCBR Technical & Taxonomy Workgroup has started retroactively adding methods to the CCCBR Methods Library that were rung and named in past performances that did not qualify for inclusion at the time of ringing, but would do if rung today. Most, but not all, of these methods are already recorded in Composition Library as Provisional. As there were over 600 provisional methods, they are being added over a number of weeks following checks and referencing of their first performances. The third tranche has been added to the downloadable lists above. In addition, a cumulative report of methods added through retroactive recognition is available as Composition Library Report here provided that you are logged in.

314 new methods have been added to the CCCBR library:

Minor: Llanthony Bob
Triples: Achilles Bob, Admetus Bob, Adversane Bob, Ajax Bob, Alcibiades Bob, Aldridge Bob, Alrewas Bob, Ampere Bob, Andros Bob, Angmering Bob, Annable's Hampton Bob, Antigone Bob, Ashdown Bob, Axminster Little Bob, Aycliffe Bob, Ayresome Bob, Bacup Bob, Bagatelle Bob, Balderstone Bob, Ballifield Bob, Barnsley Bob, Beeding Bob, Beresford Dale Bob, Billingshurst Bob, Birch Bob, Blagdon Bob, Blenheim Bob, Blithfield Bob, Bode Bob, Boltzmann Bob, Boosbeck Bob, Bootle Bob, Bose Bob, Bramall Lane Bob, Bridstow Bob, Brotton Bob, Brunel, Burghill Bob, Burpham Bob, Camberwell Bob, Cameronian Bob, Cargo Fleet Bob, Castleton Bob, Centenary Bob, Charltons Bob, Cheddar Bob, Chipshop Bob, Chorlton-on-Medlock Bob, Chorltonville Bob, Cleisthenes Bob, Clifford Bob, Codsall Bob, Colorado Bob, Colpitts Bob, Colwall Bob, Colwich Bob, Commondale Bob, Coneyhurst Bob, Confold Bob, Conisborough Bob, Coronach Bob, Coseley Bob, Coulomb Bob, Crayford Little Bob, Crookes Bob, D-Day Bob, Dalton Bob, De Broglie Bob, Digby Bob, Ditchling Bob, Don Bob, Doncaster Bob, Donovan Bob, Double Darlaston Bob, Double Gloucester Bob, Double Union, Dunstable Bob, Eardisland Bob, Ebernoe Bob, Eccles Bob, Eddie Martin Bob, Einstein Bob, Elford Bob, Elidor Bob, Ellerby Bob, Enfield Bob, Enterprise Bob, Esterhazy Bob, Etwall Bob, Fairfield Bob, Fallowfield Bob, Faraday Bob, Farnham Royal Bob, Fauld Crater Bob, Felstead Bob, Fermi Bob, Fittleworth Bob, Fitzgerald Bob, FitzRoy Bob, Flamingo Bob, Fleming Bob, Fourier Bob, Frant Bob, Fulmar Bob, Gainsborough Bob, Gleedless Bob, Gnosall Bob, Great Ayton Bob, Great Northern Bob, Hamilton Bob, Hartington Bob, Harvester Bob, Headingley Bob, Heaviside Bob, Henry Bob, Heracles Bob, Hermit Bob, Heron Bob, Highclere New Bob, Hinderwell Bob, Holme Lacy Bob, Hornsey New Bob, Horsham Bob, Hukvaldy Bob, Hulme Bob, Humourist Bob, Hyperion Bob, Ibis Bob, Imberseal Bob, Ingleby Cross Bob, Intake Bob, Irish Sea Bob, Isinglass Bob, Islington New Bob, Itchingfield Bob, Jarvenpaa Bob, Joule Bob, Jubilee Court Bob, Kingfisher Bob, Kirchoff Bob, Kithnos Bob, Lambeth Bob, Langbaurgh Bob, Laplace Bob, Laurance Bob, Le Chatelier Bob, Leek Bob, Leiden Little Bob, Leintwardine Bob, Leipzig Bob, Lemberg Bob, Leonidas Bob, Levenshulme Bob, Lichfield Bob, Lingdale Bob, Little Grandsire, Litton Cheney Place, Llansteffan Treble Place, Llareggb Bob, Longdon Bob, Longsight Bob, Lords Bob, Lorentz Bob, Lugwardine Bob, Lurgashall Bob, Lyminster Bob, Magna Carta Bob, Manna Bob, Manor Bob, Marchington Bob, Maxwell Bob, Medlock Bob, Melton Bob, Miller Bob, Milnrow Bob, Miltiades Bob, Moorside Bob, Moss Side Bob, Mossley Bob, Naxos Bob, Neasden Bob, Netherledys Bob, Newhey Bob, Nicias Bob, Nyquist Bob, Ockbrook Cyclic Bob, Odysseus Bob, Oedipus Bob, Ohm Bob, Okninski Bob, Old Trafford Bob, Ormesby Bob, Osmotherly Bob, Oswaldtwistle Bob, Oval Bob, Owens Park Bob, Papyrus Bob, Pastorale Bob, Pathetique Bob, Peasmarsh Bob, Pericles Place, Persimmon Bob, Petrograd Bob, Petworth Bob, Piltdown Bob, Planck Bob, Plato Bob, Plattfields Bob, Polhampton Little Bob, Pontifex Maximus Bob, Pyecombe Bob, Quodlibet Bob, Randolph Place, Rawmarsh Bob, Reddish Bob, Rifts Bob, Robin Hood Bob, Roseberry Topping Bob, Rosebud Bob, Ross Bob, Rotherham Bob, Rottingdean Bob, Runswick Bay Bob, Rusholme Bob, Rusper Bob, Samos Bob, Sandiacre Bob, Sandsend Bob, Sansovino Bob, Sceptre Bob, Schottky Bob, Schrodinger Bob, Sedlescombe Bob, Serifos Bob, Shenstone Bob, Shermanbury Bob, Shillinglee Bob, Shotover Bob, Siros Bob, Skinningrove Bob, Smugglers Bob, Solario Bob, Solon Bob, Sompting Bob, Sottanstall's Bob, Spearmint Bob, Sphaeristicke Bob, St Anselm Bob, St Augustine Bob, St Brides Major Bob, St Columb Minor Bob, St Ethelwood Bob, St Sepulchre Bob, St Vedast Bob, Staithes Bob, Stenchpipe Bob, Stephen Bob, Stilton Bob, Stirling Bob, Strabo Bob, Sunstar Bob, Tamworth Bob, Templeborough Bob, Texarkana Bob, Theseus Bob, Thevenin Bob, Tinos Bob, Tracery Bob, Tranquil Bob, Treeton Bob, Trergo Bob, Trifle Bob, Triple Alliance Bob, Trotton Bob, Ugthorpe Bob, Uig Bob, Volta Bob, Vysoka Bob, Waller's Maggot Bob, Waterfoot Bob, Watergate Bob, Wath Bob, Watt Bob, Wensleydale Bob, Wessex Little Bob, West Sussex Little Bob, Whitby Bob, Whitworth Bob, Wien Bob, Willenhall Bob, Winscombe Little Bob, Withycombe Place, Wivelsfield Bob, Wolfscote Dale Bob, Woodmancote Bob, Woodthorpe Bob, Woolwinder Bob, Worsley Bob, Xenophon Bob, Xiang Khouang Bob, Xique Xique Bob, Xochimilco Bob, Yoxall Bob, Ys Bob, Zeno Place, Zwickau Bob
Major: Collared Dove Surprise, Lugwardine Surprise, Querulous Alliance, Richmont Castle Delight, Victor Alliance, Widford Surprise
Royal: Robinson Surprise

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